How to do DIY clothes recycling?

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All you need for DIY clothes recycling is an old t-shirt you want to recycle, scissors, some chalk and a lot of creativity!

Now lets start with the basics. Let's say you want to create a crop top out of a long baggy t-shirt — easy!

Put the shirt on and while it is on, start drawing a line at the length you've chosen, then, take the shirt off and put it on a flat surface and just begin cutting along the traced line. And now you got yourself a personalized crop top!!! If you wish you can buy iron-on stickers and make the shirt even more personalized.

The second option requires a bit more time but it is extremely fun and easy. Again, you need a t-shirt you would like to recycle, scissors and a cardboard. This time we are going to be making a tee with fringes! You want to cut about two centimeters off of the bottom of the shirt. Then you can insert the cardboard to separate the front and the back of the tee and you can start cutting little fringes that are about 6-7 inches long and that's it!!! When you are done with the front side just turn the t-shirt and do the back side. This is optional but if you like you can tie a knot at the end of every fringe to spice it up a bit.

Here is the third way of recycling your old t-shirt you never wear because its baggy and awful.... This time you want to pick either a plain t-shirt or a t-shirt with a design you actually like. We are going to be cutting the sleeves off of it and making a muscle tank (you do need to wear something underneath). Start by putting your tee of choice on a flat surface and take a chalk. Draw both on the left and on the right side of it or just fold it and then draw to make sure the sides are equal. Now take your scissors and again, start cutting along the line. And now you have a muscle tee! Another option you may want to do is cut off the collar part to make it look even cooler!!!

Finally, the hardest way of recycling a tee — but it's really fun. For this project you will need a piece of fabric that is cute. So...begin by placing your shirt front side down on a flat surface and with the chalk draw a heart or a triange or any shape of your choice (the cut-out can be as big or as small as you want it to be) after you have done that, take the piece of fabric and place it underneath the cutout. Here comes the fun part if you don't like sewing it on just use a fabric glue. Squeeze out the glue on the very end of the cutout and stick your fabric piece on it (the fabric also needs to be it the shape of the cutout). Voila, now you got yourself a new cute tee.

That's all, four ways to do a DIY clothes recycling project with t-shirts!

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